2 Big Benefits of Choosing Managed Services

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Today, it's easier than ever to keep vital business data on-site while saving everything online. Cloud computing is standard these days, and storage drive prices are getting so cheap that there's no reason not to have a backup copy on-site.

Here are a few ways that a managed services team can help your business operate more efficiently, with less demand, and with flexible options that could save your company in an emergency.

Hardware Shouldn't Be Your Problem

What does it take to run a server? Although any machine can be a server, a system that's powerful enough to manage a business--or a customer-facing website--will take significant maintenance.

More processor power and more memory are a given, but with those boosts comes higher heat, faster wear and tear, and bigger electrical demand. Even with modern, energy efficient equipment, you're dealing with a heater that will likely burn out in some fashion before most workstations built at the same time.

A decent server design will account for failure caused by high wear and tear. Rather than dealing with periodic backups, data is stored on a series of backup drives that are considered part of the same live system. When a drive fails--and this can happen around every 3 to 4 years, but sooner with poor maintenance or bad luck--you simply need to insert a new drive and perform a restoration.

What kind of drives should you get? How many drives is enough for proper backups? How long does it take to recover? What about the processor? A high-heat component could start a fire, or at least raise room temperatures and electrical bills even higher.

Don't do it yourself.

Instead of worrying about the logistics of a server or other high-load system, a managed services team can handle your needs. Managed services companies have their own bank of IT assets at your disposal, and their main business is to provide those services.

Unlike many companies that need to divert funding and time to attempt running a successful IT department, managed services cover all the bases. Their daily activities involve maintenance, researching new ways to serve data efficiently, and delivering better services to their clientele.

Emergency, Active, Actionable Backups

Do you have an emergency backup plan for your business?

Some businesses live under seasonal disaster conditions. Managed services professionals can help you.

The best idea for backups is to have an off-site backup. This means a backup that would be unharmed if your company's building or your personal computer is damaged. It also means having a way to boot up your business data in an emergency.

What happens if your building is uninhabitable for weeks, or even months? To keep stress down and to keep your team flexible, you can maintain your status by backing up to an online storage system.

Your team can work from a remote set of files while using any computer that can reliably run a web browser.

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