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Relying on paper in today’s digital world isn’t sustainable anymore. Learning about document management systems and how they benefit your business is a proactive move. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Document Management?

Document management is a digital filing system. It organizes and archives files to make them easily searchable and collaborative. The only device you need is a scanner to transition paper to a digital file. The benefits of document management include an increase in office space, better document security, and optimization of productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a small business benefit from document management? The size of the business does not matter when using document management. Small businesses may have fewer files, but they will still benefit from an organized digital filing structure.

How are documents stored in the system? Documents enter the system either from a computer upload, or a scanner can send them directly to the system.

How do you find documents in the system? The advanced search function of document management allows you to search by file title, the name of an author, or even when it was entered into the system.

Do all users have access to every file? Document management systems increase your security because they allow you to apply access restrictions. Authorized users can set a passcode for confidential files.

Choosing a Document Management System

When you are deciding which document management system to use, consider a few different elements. Your employees need to be able to navigate the system easily so the search function and filling structure should be intuitive. As more people are using mobile devices, it’s also crucial that your system is accessible by smartphone and tablet. In the end, document management should make your life easier and more productive.

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