Are Your Printers a Security Risk?

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You're always on the lookout for security risks--so it might be hard to imagine that one of your biggest vulnerabilities is something you use every day. That's right: Your printers could be a security risk. That's why printer security is such a big deal.

Why is Printer Security So Important?

You need printer security. It's that simple.

Why? Well, the truth is that your printers--through no fault of their own--are a constant security risk. This is the case for a few reasons:

  • Printers use and store a lot of data in the course of their daily processes.

  • Companies often forget to include these printers in their security plans and solutions.

  • Hackers expect this oversight and start with printers when planning their attack.

This all adds up to one thing: Your printers are a security risk.

It's time to protect them once and for all.

How Printer Security Helps

Here are just a few ways printer security solutions help you defend your machines and their data:

Improving your habits

Do you leave default passwords on your printer? Can anyone access and use your machines? These habits may seem small, but they're part of the reason your printers are vulnerable. With printer security solutions, you'll be able to identify and improve these habits, strengthening your print environment one step at a time.

Identifying new risks

Although many printer security problems are consistent across time and space, certain risks--like new digital attacks--will always evolve. That's why printer security has to evolve as well, helping you identify and prepare for these new risks.

Implementing better solutions

When leveraging print security improvements, you may realize you're eliminating solutions left and right because they add to your printers' vulnerability. The good news is that your print security approach can also include new, better solutions--those that get a specific job done while still protecting your data.

In conclusion, printer security is a big deal because printers are inherently exposed to certain digital risks. To protect them, you need to focus on things like improving your habits, identifying new risks, and implementing better solutions.

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