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When considering a new business solution, it's sometimes helpful to visualize its elements and benefits by watching it in action. Today, we're putting managed print services in the spotlight by taking a tour of four industries where this solution really makes waves. Let's get started!

Managed Print Services 3 Ways

There are a lot of ways to think about managed print services, but the best may be to approach it like a burger. Like the classic meal, managed print services are made to order and fully personalized. Sure, it has a few basic elements that make it recognizable as a business solution, the same way burgers always come with buns and patties of some kind--but you get to decide how those elements look.

To prove it, let's see how managed print services are served up in these three industries:


In the healthcare world, managed print has a big job: protecting sensitive patient information. Luckily, this solution delivers by helping healthcare experts juggle privacy regulations without interrupting efficiency. It also automates or outsources many of the most time-consuming print tasks, leaving doctors and nurses to focus on patients instead of printers.


The legal industry creates a lot of documents. Managed print services help control the costs of those documents from creation to storage, providing visibility into print budgets and implementing solutions that save money without cutting corners.


Auto dealerships often buy, sell, and repair vehicles. To keep track of all these transactions, many dealerships use managed print services, which helps organize files using cloud-based solutions.


Managed print services are like a burger: You can build it however you want. By looking at examples of managed print at work in these three industries, you can see that this solution isn't just versatile--it's also highly effective.

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