Easy Ways to Boost Security for Remote Workers

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Digital security for the remote office has been a challenge for the last year (to say the least!). With many businesses rushing to go remote, there were new security concerns and threats without any warning or time to plan ahead for mitigation and action.

Now though, it's much easier to stay on top of security concerns as options and information for remote teams have advanced significantly in the last year.

Working From Anywhere May Be Here to Stay

Since working from home-or a hybrid of office and home-may be here to stay, how can you properly invest in security for remote teams and proactively address threats and issues across your (now more remote) networks and devices? We have some easy tips below, and also talking about your current security and where to upgrade with your vendor can have a significant impact on how your business moves forward from here.

How to Improve Security

There are a few important ways to improve your security for remote workers, including:

  • Use company-issued laptops
  • Secure home wifi networks
  • Back up all documents
  • Enhance security protections on sensitive work information
  • Verify emails and external links
  • Retrain employees about security precautions

In addition to these methods, you might also want to integrate office, industry, or business-specific protections. Your vendor can help review your current security setup and how you can better protect remote teams.

Next Steps

Your next steps for security are to review the above recommendations with a vendor that you trust, like TC Technologies.

Taking an in-depth look at your entire office to understand where you need to build security, implement new measures, and increase your protection is key to staying ahead of new threats in the remote work environment.


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