How to Fix Paper-Based Processes Killing Your Productivity

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When it comes to paper-based processes, there are frequent failures among enterprises. The first downfall of paper systems is the need to find the physical document. Paper can be misfiled or easily lost leading to mismanaged time. It also takes longer to pass paper documents back and forth to receive edits and suggestions. Noticing that time spent looking for files that can become lost in the passing back and forth of materials is the best place to start looking for a solution.

Begin to Transition to Digital

There are paper-based processes that you can handle with document management. Document management is a system of scanning paper files to be organized and archived on a digital server. Here are three processes you can digitize today.

1. Employee onboarding: Instead of printing off some forms and training materials, use online resources. Electronic forms can use a digital signature for health forms and direct deposit slips. Training materials can be emailed as a PDF and reviewed from a personal computer or mobile phone.

2. Content approval: When finalizing an important document there are usually a few last minute edits. If you’re printing and editing every round, there is a lot of wasted paper. Document management allows you to collaborate on files and mark where the author needs to make edits.

3. Paper-form data entry: Having someone fill out a paper form that another individual enters into an online data system is tiring and unnecessary. Avoid having to do the same thing twice by using an electronic form that is entered into your document management system.

You can decide for yourself where your company can transition over paper-based documents. Take a look at what workflows need to be streamlined and ask yourself what steps no longer need to be done on paper. For more guidance on minimizing paper-based processes with document management, call us today!


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