How Managed Print Provides Printer Security for Remote Employees

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With remote employees completing tasks from the couch or kitchen table and hybrid workforces becoming "the new normal," it's more important than ever to keep up with rapidly advancing digital threats. Unfortunately, being so scattered means that your remote employees might face unique printer security issues--and that you and your IT team won't be there to guide them through. That's why managed print is about to become your first line of defense.

How Managed Print Protects

Managed print isn't all about streamlining workflows and optimizing fleets. It can also be your go-to printer security solution, especially for remote employees or hybrid workflows.

Here's how it works:

#1: The print audit still occurs.

Remember the old days, when printing happened in one room and we were all just a shout away? Good times. Luckily, managed print services has adapted to every change the world has thrown at us--and that "print audit" that analyzes your print environment from top to bottom can still happen. The only difference is that, now, your print provider works with your remote employees to take their home setups into account.

#2: Vulnerabilities are mapped.

It's natural that home printers function on a totally different level than business printers, especially when it comes to security. However, understanding printer security vulnerabilities doesn't just help protect your sensitive data--it also helps your remote employees feel more comfortable using their devices for their own needs. That's a win-win.

#3: Solutions are implemented across your workforce.

Whether everyone's at home or you're split between remote work and the office, managed print can help you choose and implement solutions that work for every employee. For example, you might limit remote access to users with a certain password, or you might put everyone's home printers on virtual private networks. This involves a lot of teamwork and consistent communication, but in the end, you'll have a workforce united by printer security solutions.

#4: Changes are made as necessary.

If you find that something doesn't work or that someone's home office got left out of the loop, you don't have to worry--there's always room for change and growth with managed print. You'll be able to update printer security solutions as needed without worrying about downtime or loss of efficiency.


Managed print protects your remote employees' home setups by understanding and responding to their environments. It can also unite users across time and space--so if you have or are considering a hybrid workforce, you won't have to leave printer security behind. No matter what your business reality looks like right now, managed print is right here to help.

Looking for printer security solutions to help remote employees or a hybrid workforce? Contact us today to find what works for you!

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