Increase Remote Employee Productivity with a Document Management System

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Whether you're managing fully remote employees or are juggling a hybrid workforce, one thing has probably become clear: It's much more difficult to find tools everyone can agree on when you're not in the same place. Luckily, one solution can be a fan-favorite across time and space--and that solution is document management.

Why remote Employees love Document Management

Document management made a lot of sense when everyone was at the office. It kept papers from piling up on desks, eliminated the need for all those file cabinets, and kept people on the same page.

However, now that the work world looks different, document management has become even more important. It's easily a remote employee's best friend--and the reason is simple: Productivity.

When working from home, productivity can be a real struggle. Challenges include:

  • distractions,
  • poor Internet connection,
  • ill-organized workspace,
  • unreliable communication tools,
  • and more.

Document management may not be able to keep the kids from playing in your home office or get the Internet to work any faster, but it can help remote employees stay flexible and productive in a hectic environment. For example, document management gives remote employees immediate access to files they created when they were still at the office, allowing them to edit and share without introducing security threats. It also helps them organize the files and data they create from home, meaning stacks of paper won't end up on the dining room table.

Equally as important is document management's ability to support a hybrid workforce. Even when half of your employees are on-site and half are at home, document management allows for stress-free collaboration and version control that helps keep everyone confident and productive.


Document management is a fan-favorite among remote employees, but it's also great news for your hybrid workforce. That's because document management is all about productivity--even from the couch.

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