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As workers head back into the office, now is the time to take a quick look at your operations and equipment and ask how you can better optimize your office set-up for more success.

For example, does your team spend a lot of time walking back and forth to the multifunction printer, when a desktop printer would make more sense? Do you have holes in your security by not focusing on print security as well?

Maybe print isn't the first place you think of making improvements in your office, but shifting your print environment to boost productivity can have major impacts on the bottom line, and also on employee efficiency and workflows.

First Stop: Updates for Today's Office - A Fresh Start

The office that employees return to will look and feel different, so why not let it work differently - work better - as well? Did you know that you can re-engineer your print fleet to provide more convenient options for employees at basically the same price point as larger machines?

Getting a fresh start on your print fleet makes sense since it's one of the issues that gets ignored as time goes on, but can also get incredibly expensive.

When you're ready to make some changes and cut excess spending, you'll want to work with an expert vendor. They will help you consider the following important aspects of your print environment:

  • What is the volume of print output you will complete?
  • How many departments use print?
  • Are there additional ways to boost sustainability?
  • What print security features are essential?
  • Can you effectively improve office traffic?

Next Step: Budget, Sustainability, Productivity - Re-imagine What You Can Do

Finding the right mix of multifunction printers and desktop printers can help your employees get started on the right foot while making big improvements to your print budget, office sustainability, and workforce productivity.

It's hard to say exactly how many printers any office needs, but investing in a regular budget and increased productivity while staying focused on reducing waste is essential to finding the right mix for you.

Last Stop: Finding the Right Team

Now, you are ready to adapt your office to current working conditions - and really, you're ready to rebuild your office for productivity as everyone returns. Your next move is to start investigating your printer fleet solutions with TC Technologies. Working with the experts in print will make the process much easier.


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