Maintenance Tips for Your Multifunction Printer

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hand wiping or cleaning the touchscreen of a printer

Printer maintenance is one of the most important aspects of office equipment upkeep but can be challenging to organize. Every printer has maintenance issues from time to time, so you need to handle them quickly.

Here are some easy tips for how to streamline maintenance of your multifunction printer and create solutions so your office can quickly - and effectively - take care of common issues.

Establish a Maintenance Kit

If you don't have an ongoing service agreement or provider - having a printer maintenance kit for your multifunction copier or printer could be helpful in troubleshooting common issues. The manufacturer can provide specific tools and supplies into the printer maintenance kit so that users can easily replace them when needed. These include preventative maintenance items such as: 

  • Pickup or feed rollers
  • Corona assembly for the electrical charge
  • Fan assembly
  • Separation pads
  • Fuser assembly
  • Transfer roller

It's worth taking a little time to establish a functional and quick repair kit if you don't have a service agreement. And if any of these items seem a little beyond your printer knowledge, talk with your office equipment vendor today. They can help get your office set up with multifunction printer repair and maintenance specialists, like those at TC Technologies!

Keep Components Clean

The next step to preventative maintenance is keeping printer components clean. This means regularly dusting the screen, wiping down the printer equipment, and removing all paper jams.

Set up a Supply System

Ordering supplies doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. The best way to set up a streamlined system is to talk to your vendor partner about hassle-free, scheduled supplies on a timeline that works for your printer use. It should be easy to set up and adjust as needed based on how quickly you use your supplies. And, you'll never be left wondering if you have enough toner. 

If you're ready for proper printer maintenance, equipment cleaning, and ongoing supplies as part of our managed print services - reach out to us today.


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