Printer Security Solutions for a Remote Workforce

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Whether you've recently found yourself with a completely remote workforce or are transitioning to a hybrid office setup, one thing's for sure: digital crime hasn't taken a single day off. Here's everything you need to know to protect printers even when everyone's at home on the couch.

Potential Printer Security Issues

To understand why printer security for a remote workforce is such a big deal, it's important to understand some of the biggest threats faced by network printers. Here's are a few examples:

Unauthorized connections

Because network printers have to connect to a huge variety of devices when your workforce is remote, it's often difficult to make sure all those connections are recognized and friendly.

Changed settings

If a digital bad-guy gains access to your printer, they can change settings and have prints rerouted to their own printers, effectively stealing your sensitive documents.

External data theft

Printers save data on their hard drives. Hackers can access and steal this data without proper protection.

Although these risks are scary--and even more magnified for a remote workforce--the good news is that there's one printer security trick that can protect you against all this and more: managed print services.

Why Managed Print?

With so many security solutions out there, why turn to managed print services?

The answer is simple: you want to leave your printer security up to the experts. It's difficult enough to keep track of a remote workforce; you shouldn't also have to worry about every single device, connection, and access point in your print environment.

Here are a few ways managed print services can help keep your hybrid or remote workforce as safe as possible:

Providing appropriate equipment

Remote workforces aren't always outfitted with the best tools. Your managed print services provider will be able to provide appropriate, efficient, and reliable equipment to your entire workforce--no matter where they are. This enables your workers to print confidently and securely, even from home offices.

Creating secure setups

Not everyone's a tech expert. With managed print, it's easy to make sure your remote employees have secure home setups—simply because they'll have expert help, advice, and answers 24/7. A strong setup means home offices won't pose any additional risks to your network, data, or printers.

Maintaining transparency

When you utilize managed print services for printer security, you'll get one very valuable benefit: transparency. Your provider will help you track access, data usage, supply needs, and more—which means you'll be able to spot suspicious activity in the blink of an eye.

In conclusion, printer security is complicated business when it comes to a remote workforce—but the good news is that managed print services can provide all the security solutions you need. Whether you're fully remote, hybrid, or still deciding what your workforce will look like going forward, managed print can help protect your printers every step of the way.

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