Protecting Remote Employees in 2022

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The promise of a new year comes with plenty of opportunities, but it also comes with the lurking threat of brand new scams targeted at an increasingly remote workforce. If you're looking for ways to protect remote employees as you enter 2022, you've come to the right place.

Security Solutions for the Modern World

Remote employees face entirely different threats than their on-site counterparts. They also have a different arsenal of digital tools at their disposal, often limited by the constraints of their home office space. Luckily, that doesn't mean you have to give up on any hope of protecting your remote employees, company data, and devices. Instead, you'll need to find security solutions that adapt to this unique situation.

Here are a few examples of ways to think about security from a remote perspective:

Utilize the cloud.

Cloud services are more relevant than ever when it comes to supporting remote employees. However, it's not enough to provide those services--you also have to think creatively and build in the appropriate security measures to make sure the cloud is a tool instead of a hesitation.

Get savvy about scams.

As the pandemic grew and spread, so too did a new breed of digital scams. Unfortunately, remote employees now face unfamiliar threats that may use specialized tactics, often related to COVID-19, to steal information or gain access. That means you'll have to be more vigilant than ever--and your security solutions will, too.

Use your people to your advantage.

Your people may not be tech experts, but they are likely familiar with the ins and outs of their new workplace--after all, they live there! This "home-field advantage" means your remote employees may be able to recommend tools and solutions that make the most sense for their setup, devices, preferences, and more.

Get the Support You Need

Going into 2022, you'll need to think about security solutions from a remote perspective. These tips can help--but to be fully secure and efficient, you'll need some guidance from the experts.

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