Rethink Print: Can Multifunction Printers Support a Hybrid Workforce?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we do just about everything, but one thing that hasn't changed very much is printing. Even as remote work and hybrid workforce models become our new reality, printers may seem stuck in the past.

Luckily, that doesn't have to be the case.

Here's how multifunction printers can be part of the remote revolution--and all you have to do is rethink print.

A Word on Multifunction Printers

If you're kicking yourself for investing in a multifunction device right before COVID-19 shut down offices and workplaces, don't worry--you didn't make a mistake. In fact, you chose a tool that can help you make a remote or hybrid workforce even more efficient.

That's right: Multifunction printers aren't a relic of the recent past.

These machines were built to be intelligent, flexible, and powerful. Sure, they probably weren't designed with a pandemic in mind--but that doesn't mean they're useless in our newly remote world, far from it. The truth is that multifunction printers can be an excellent tool for connecting and empowering a hybrid workforce--all it takes is the ability to think about printing in new ways.

Multifunction Printers for a Hybrid Workforce

So, what are these "new ways" to think about multifunction printers and printing in general? Here's how you can rethink print to support a remote or hybrid workforce!

#1: Multifunction printers don't have to move.

Although laptops, meetings, and even documents moved to home offices during the pandemic, multifunction printers didn't have to. That's because they can be used to enable remote printing, which means at-home employees can still send files to on-site machines. This avoids the risk of using unprotected home printers and keeps sensitive files on your premises.

#2: Multifunction printers tell stories.

Want to know what your hybrid workforce's needs are? Look no further than the multifunction printer. These devices can help you track usage habits, telling stories that help you understand what the "new normal" looks like for remote workers and how you can better support them.

#3: Multifunction printers are flexible.

A hybrid workforce can exist in more places than just "home" and "office." Remote employees may need to print from their phones while on the go--and multifunction printers make that a possibility. This enables you to take advantage of the benefits offered by a hybrid workforce, rather than just keeping your head above water.

What Next?

In conclusion, multifunction printers are a critical tool for your remote or hybrid workforce. They're not a relic of the past--and to see their full potential. You just need to rethink print.

To learn more about supporting a hybrid workforce with multifunction printers, contact us today!


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