Secure Your Workflows With These Quick Tips

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By now you probably know that business security is a marathon, not a sprint--but the truth is that a few small, fast steps can still take you pretty far when it comes to defending your data and protecting your machines. Here are a few quick tips to boost your security today!

No Shortcuts in Security

One thing to remember when it comes to enhancing IT security is that there are no shortcuts. Some solutions are simpler and more efficient than others, sure, but they all require research and planning so that you can implement them properly and get all of the possible benefits. The best way to approach security--whether it's document security, print security, or workflow security--is one step at a time. Don't rush, don't panic, and make savvy choices about how you defend what matters.

Quick Tips

Looking for a few simple but efficient ways to enhance security in your workflows? Check out these quick tips!

  • #1: Consider going offline.

Going offline seems ridiculous in this day and age. The truth, though, is that printers and copiers are often a hacker's first targets, so disconnecting them from the network is a good way to boost security. Weigh the benefits, consider making some changes to your workflows, and see if taking your printers offline could be possible in your business.

  • #2: Split up your network.

Although security should strive to protect everything as a whole, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of your tech should be "in the same place." Try splitting up your connections so that different machines are on different segments of the network. This way, if hackers do gain access, they only get into one "segment" at a time.

  • #3: Control access.

Controlling user access is a great way to enhance security without making sacrifices. Just set up different user accounts with the appropriate permissions, include passwords or ID cards, and you're set!

Looking for other ways to protect your workflows and your data? Contact us today for more security tips!



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