Surprising Benefits of Document Shredding

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A heap of shredded paper

Shred to avoid penalties. Your business could be subject to financial penalties if you don’t take the proper measures to protect the personal information of your employees, clients, and vendors. Shredding (especially cross-cut shredding) is the gold standard for the disposal of paper documents to prevent fines.

Shred to meet compliance. Federal and industry-specific regulations dictate how businesses must protect personal data. Depending on the industry you’re in, shredding documents may be required by law. In healthcare, HIPPA dictates certain privacy standards, and in the legal world, it’s the Gramm–Leach–Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts. Shred your business documents to ensure compliance.

Shred to save space and costs. Paper documents often clutter up valuable work space and can cost big bucks if you pay for document storage. Shredding is a better solution that saves space and financial resources. By combining a scanning solution with document shredding, you can convert your paper archives to digital documents and shred the paper ones—greatly reducing mounting storage costs and greatly increasing office organization. 


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