What to Know About Printer Fleet Optimization

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You've probably seen countless solutions for individual printers--tools and approaches that promise to improve security or boost efficiency. But have you ever thought about what would happen if you treated your entire fleet as a single, living entity?

Here's your guide to a solution that does just that: printer fleet optimization.

The Biggest Takeaways From Fleet Optimization

There's a lot to know about printer fleet optimization. If you only remember a few of those things, make sure these details are included:

  • Structure: Printer fleet optimization is part of managed print services.

  • Flexibility: Optimization works for fleets of all shapes and sizes, including different printer makes and models.

  • Sustainability: By optimizing your printer fleet, you're helping the environment as well as your company.

  • Reliability: Fleet optimization helps you reliably address a variety of issues, from inefficiency to lack of security.

Simply put, printer fleet optimization is a way to treat your fleet holistically. Instead of trying to support each printer individually, you get a full image of your fleet as a whole, allowing you to appreciate it as the complex ecosystem it is.

##A Closer Look at Fleet Optimization So, now you know the basics--how does printer fleet optimization actually work? Let's take a look:

#1: Tracking

The first step in printer fleet optimization is gathering data. To do this, you'll work with your managed print services provider to track print usage by machine, user, team, and more. You'll also have more insight into supply utilization and budgeting needs.

#2: Improving

Once you have this clear image of your entire print environment, you can set to work on making improvements--that's where the "optimization" in "fleet optimization" comes in. Depending on your needs, this step can take many shapes; you might add new machines, consolidate your fleet, change settings, reorganize your office, or even budget for upgrades.

#3: Controlling

After improvements have been made, you can use your original data to track changes and see which areas still need work. In this way, you turn your printer fleet into an environment that benefits from constant nurturing, giving yourself the opportunity to pivot when necessary and keep up with any changes required by your business.

In conclusion, fleet optimization is full of possibilities. Although there's plenty to learn and remember, the biggest takeaway is this: Your fleet deserves better than piecemeal solutions. Start treating your machines like an ecosystem and you're sure to see benefits growing like flowers.

Want to see what printer fleet optimization can do for you? Contact us today to take the first step with managed print services!


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