What Managed IT Does for Manufacturing

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With so many unique challenges, from supply chain disruptions to machine breakdowns on the plant floor, manufacturers have a lot to deal with every day. Technology is supposed to help overcome those issues--but what helps you overcome tech troubles?

Luckily, that's where managed IT comes in.

Smart Manufacturing with Managed IT

Evolving your plant into a smart factory is likely one of your top goals. After all, smart manufacturing is often called the future of the industry--and once you fall behind, it's expensive and time-consuming to catch up.

However, smart manufacturing--like the industry itself--has a lot of moving parts, and most of those moving parts relate back to technology in some way. Although tech solutions like manufacturing platforms and data sensors are a huge improvement over manual solutions like spreadsheets and whiteboards, the truth is that machines are still just machines.

If you want real smart manufacturing, you need a way to bridge the gap between people and tech--and that's where managed IT services comes in.

What is managed IT?

Managed IT is an outsourcing solution that puts a provider in charge of your biggest tech responsibilities so you can focus on putting technology to work--not how to make it work.

This solution isn't just about helping your smart manufacturing initiatives get even smarter or about choosing the right tech solutions for your plant. It's about helping people use those initiatives and tech solutions in ways that actually feel "smart."

What makes managed IT different?

There are plenty of solutions out there to help you evolve into a smart factory, but managed IT is different because it's human. The provider you choose will become your partner, learning the ins and outs of your unique factory so they can offer personalized recommendations and solutions. More importantly, they'll structure their approach from a people-first perspective--that way, your smart manufacturing transformation never feels like it's prioritizing technology over human capabilities.

Does the entire organization benefit from managed IT?

Managed IT can help you juggle tech in all kinds of ways. Need help deciding where to put a sensor? Having trouble capturing data on a wearable device or tablet? Wondering how to share plant floor data with corporate decision-makers? Not to worry--Managed IT can make technology smarter across your entire organization.

Benefits of Managed IT for Manufacturers

Now that you know the basics, it's time to find out what managed IT services can really do for your factory. Here's a closer look:

Less wasted time

On the plant floor, time really is money. Managed IT services helps you cut out all that time you spend installing or updating tech, solving connectivity problems, troubleshooting mobile device connections, and more. With a managed IT provider on your side, you can focus on time-sensitive tasks and important responsibilities instead of technical difficulties.

Less wasted effort

Everyone in your manufacturing operation has an important job to do, which means no one can waste effort on repetitive manual tasks. Luckily, managed IT can help automate certain parts of your workflow, handle day-to-day responsibilities like updating software, and give human workers the digital support they need to take advantage of their skill set. That way, everyone--whether they work on a machine or at a desk--has less to worry about when it comes to tech.

Less wasted money

Let's face it: Technology is expensive--especially in the manufacturing industry. You probably can't afford to keep adding to your tech stack without any proof that your investments are actually making a difference. The good news is that managed IT services can help you identify weak links in your digital approach and implement targeted solutions. Better yet, your provider can also help you track the results of any change or new solution, which means you can guide your smart factory transformation based on real data.

Less wasted tech

It's one thing to choose the right tech, but it's another thing entirely to put those tools to work. Managed IT helps you keep track of all the manufacturing technology you've acquired and makes sure every investment is put to good use. That means you won't waste a single sensor; instead, any technology that enters your plant will have a specific job to do, and your provider will put it to work.

In conclusion, managed IT is a great fit for manufacturers because it can help take your smart manufacturing transformation to the next level. It brings a human element to digital solutions, allowing you to support your people with digital tools that will enhance their capabilities and empower their skill sets.

Are you ready to make smart manufacturing even smarter with managed IT services? Contact us today to get started!

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