Why You Should Buy Copiers from an Independent Dealer

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The choice of where to buy an office copier can be a difficult one. Many wonder whether it's better to buy one from its manufacturer or from a local, independent copier dealer. Find out why getting your next copier from an independent dealer is the smarter choice.

Local Businesses

A local business can give your company the attention it needs, and it's the kind of attention that a global company headquartered somewhere else simply can't provide. A local business understands local customers and local industries. And, they offer everything that the huge, global company does. You can more easily work with a local dealer, getting advice on models, etc., than you would waiting for a time when someone from a large business can talk to you. You keep that relationship long-term, so you can call with any questions you may have before and after purchasing. You get a personal touch during the sales process rather than being made to feel like you are just one of a million customers.

One Brand vs. Many

A copier manufacturer stocks and sells just one brand of copier, and that might not be the best brand for your company's needs. BY going to an independent dealer who sells many types of copiers and printers, you can find out which machines work best for your business. You won't have to compromise on features simply because there is only one brand available to you. You can see many different types of copiers with many different kinds of features.

Copier Prices

It may seem like the coper manufacturer would have better prices since they are a large company and directly manufacture their product. However, those large companies have an enormous amount of overhead. Sometimes, a small, local dealer has better prices simply because they have little overhead and fewer middlemen than the large corporations. You may find that your local dealer can make you a good deal on the copiers and printers you need for your office.

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