Why Your Office Needs Mobile Print

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Is your office mostly remote and accessible from anywhere? That's great - you're doing well in the digital revolution. But, there may be one aspect of the mobile office you haven't fully taken advantage of yet - mobile print.

So, what is mobile print? It's using your mobile device with network connectivity to print (or scan!) documents from anywhere, on the go. You can get exactly what you need printed, grab it from the machine, and move on to the next meeting. Or, you can scan documents straight to your files as you accept them and reduce the risk of losing things in transit. Mobile print isn't just the future - it's how you can build a better business right now.

Workplace Advantages

There are tons of workplace advantages to mobile printing. You can build convenience and efficiency into your office environment, while also offering safe, distanced options for those who are not comfortable in the office quite yet. It's a win/win for everyone.

Basics of Mobile Print

The basics of mobile print are pretty simple:

  • With a network-connected multifunction printer, you can use your own device to scan directly from the MFP to your device.
  • You can also use cloud or network storage for editing, printing, or forwarding.
  • Documents are received as JPG, PDF, or anything else.
  • Then, your printer can print the documents without ever going through a computer or other workstation.

It really is your work from anywhere solution!

Mobile is the Future

Kickstarting your mobile office solutions with mobile print can give your team the accessibility they need to keep your business growing. When things change - and they will continue to keep changing quickly in tech! - you can update your office solutions to work with your employees, where ever they are. Reach out to put mobile technology to work for you.


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