Enhance Security

Man Enjoying the Security provided by TC Technologies

Between the direct cost of losing business-critical data and the indirect cost of losing the confidence of your clients, security breaches can be one the most costly disasters a business faces. 

Secure Solutions in All Industries

Our security solutions apply to any industry’s demand, including government-regulated ones like Healthcare, Finance and Legal. Industries that must adhere to government laws and regulations, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, need a different kind of data protection for to comply with specific laws, and we ensure that our clients abide by those.

Legal fields manage confidential data for their court cases and must keep their data confidential. The finance industry also handles sensitive personal data that cannot be made public until confirmed and verified by lawyers and accountants. These industries and many others handle sensitive information regularly and face serious consequences if this information is made public. For every industry, we have solutions you'll need to keep your data secure.

Trusted Brands

Our robust devices from HP, Sharp, Brother and Xerox come with built-in security features to give you another layer of protection. In addition to our third party solutions, TC Technologies is an authorized dealer for these leading manufacturers with effective security devices built in that complement our software solutions.

Depending on your needs, we offer devices that protect information, protect your print jobs and control user behavior. All this combined or individually keeps your data secure and your office compliant with regulations. Some features consist of password identification, encryption, user tracking, and many other secure solutions.

Security Solutions You Can Trust

TC Technologies offers a large selection of security solutions to enhance the built-in security features in our devices. Some of our solutions involve user tracking, authorized passwords or ID cards to release print jobs, and encryption to keep from copying the data. We also recommend office policies for your employees to follow to ensure the security of your documents.

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