Fleet Optimization

Man Optimizing Printers

Our managed print services allow administrators to control costs (including the cost of time!), proactively maintain their printers, and improve business processes by setting parameters that control the document workflow in your printer fleet. As a result, a large part of the TC Technologies MPS program involves print fleet optimization.

Expose and Address Costs of Your Print Fleet

Interestingly, the cost of print hardware represents only 5% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) Supplies, service, and support account for 95% of total print-related costs. The TC Technologies managed print service program exposes the total cost of ownership for your devices. You’ll know which ones are causing the most downtime and you can address unnecessary devices by either replacing them or reorganizing and consolidating your print fleet.

Enhance Security

Our strategy includes additional security to complement the built-in security features in our devices. In some industries, such as healthcare and legal, security and compliance is crucial. By implementing document solutions that control usage, such as restricting access to unauthorized users, you’ll gain the extra edge your business needs to stay secure.

Reduce the Burden on Your Administrative and IT Staff

We gain insight into your print environment, design customized workflows, and run reports to help you better understand usage and implement printing practices that save you time and money. When you outsource the management of your print fleet to TC Technologies, we manage your supply replenishment, meter collection, and billing to eliminating hassles for your administrative team. We'll also free up your IT staff with remote remediation of printer issues and scheduling maintenance before you experience downtime. 

Improve Sustainability

Consolidate devices to save on energy and eliminate waste. TC Technologies has also partnered with PrintReleaf to track and reforest every sheet of paper consumed in the printing process. We also collect and recycle toner cartridges as a sustainable solution.

Increase Efficiency

Do more with less and simplify device management managed print services from TC Technologies. Automatic notifications and routine health checks combined with the customized applications we use to monitor your printer fleet will keep your printing systems running smoothly.

Our IT support is available to assist you at any time. We focus on your technology so you can focus on your business.

Fleet optimization begins with a FREE Analysis of your existing technology.