5 IT Risks Every Company Should Know

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IT risks are everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, that means it can be difficult to know what exactly you're looking for. That's why we compiled a list of the biggest and most important IT security risks (and how managed IT services can help you overcome them).

The Biggest IT Risks, According to Managed IT

Managed IT services providers have seen a little bit of everything. That means they're in a perfect position to explain some of the biggest security risks in the business world--so let's take a look:


"Phishing" is an umbrella term for any cyberattack where a hacker tries to steal information in seemingly innocent ways. For example, a hacker might send an email pretending to be your company's CEO, asking all employees to respond with sensitive data. Because this email apparently came from a reliable source, many employees might oblige, delivering your company's information right to the hacker's inbox.

Phishing can take many forms, which is why it's difficult to keep up with. However, it's always based on social engineering--the process of cleverly tricking people into doing something through manipulation, urgency, and outright lies.

Personal devices

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are an important part of the workplace these days. While these policies have many benefits, they can also represent an IT risk. That's because personal devices may not get the same scrutiny afforded to company devices; for example, people might get complacent about passwords, file storage, and other key elements when using their own equipment. This can lead to significant IT security issues, especially if the personal device is stolen.

Unauthorized apps

Using unauthorized apps might seem innocent, but it's actually a big deal. That's because these apps might introduce new risks into your IT environment--and because you haven't checked these apps, you won't be able to plan around them.

Lack of preparation

IT security requires constant vigilance. If you fail to prepare for the worst--for example, by creating data backups or training employees on cybersecurity best practices--you could be in for a lot of trouble. Even if you have a security approach but haven't updated in in a while, this lack of preparation might lead to disaster.

Human error

People are the beating heart of your business, but they're only human. That's why human error will always be part of IT security--and why it can be so dangerous to overlook this particular element when making plans and implementing solutions.

How Managed IT Can Help

Although knowing what you're up against is half the battle, it's important to take that next step and actually overcome these big IT risks. Naturally, that's where managed IT comes in.

Here are just a few ways a managed IT services provider can help you address these IT risks and more:

  • Providers have experience and expertise.

Not everyone on your team is an IT security expert. That means you're all likely to have questions and run into problems. Managed IT providers solve this problem by being the ultimate tech partners, offering their experience and expertise to help you navigate the challenges of the digital world. They can see vulnerabilities you might not notice, recommend solutions you may not have considered, and offer advice you can't get anywhere else.

  • Managed IT always begins with an audit.

IT security is an ongoing conversation, but it can be difficult to know where you should jump in. That's why managed IT solutions always begin with a tech audit. You and your provider will work together to analyze your tech environment, gathering data about usage, costs, network connections, vulnerabilities, and more. With this information in hand, you'll have a better idea what your risks look like and how you can begin overcoming them.

  • Solutions can scale to fit your needs.

As your company grows and changes, so will your IT environment--and your IT risks, too. That's why managed IT solutions are always designed and implemented for maximum scalability, allowing you to rely on them no matter where your business journey takes you.

  • Preparation is the best defense.

At the end of the day, preparation is the key to navigating cybersecurity. That's because IT risks are always changing--so if you constantly prepare for the worst, you'll always be ready to face new challenges. Your managed IT provider can help in all kinds of ways, from creating data backups to implementing employee training sessions.

In conclusion, there's an infinite list of IT security risks to look out for. However, with managed IT services on your side, it's much easier to "go with the flow" and protect yourself, your employees, and your entire business.

Worried about these five risks and other cybersecurity challenges? Wondering how managed IT services can help? Contact us today to find out more!

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