VoIP Solutions

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is a highly flexible, mobile solution to small business phone system needs. With VoIP, your team can work from anywhere, providing improved productivity for mobile employees along with the scalability you need. Your organization can easily add stations and provide services to geographically dispersed locations and telecommuters alike.

While commercial VoIP has been around since the 1990’s, the technology has drastically improved since. In fact, it has become the norm for most small businesses to go with VoIP in lieu of traditional phone lines. Internet-based phone communications are here to stay. Learn more about VoIP high end features and all the benefits they offer your business.


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We take time to understand your business goals and challenges.
We integrate technology to provide a customized solution.
We back it all up with responsive support and helpful user training to ensure the solution delivers the promised results.
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I can’t say enough great things about TC Technologies. The service provided by your company has been the best that I have had.
Sean | IT Manager, Pharmacy Operations