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Document Solutions

Document Solutions, sometimes called Document Management Solutions, is a system used to track, manage and store documents, and data, in order to reduce paper consumption, secure the data and streamline workflow.

For industries such as Healthcare, Finance, and Legal, document solutions are the single most vital component keeping businesses compliant. For instance, HIPAA laws mandate special handling of patient information. Any mishandling of a document could result in the exposure of patient data, therefore a violation of the law. As you might imagine, some industries have come to rely heavily on document management solutions as a result.

What Can Document Solutions from TC Technologies Do for You?

Our document solutions will benefit your organization externally in the form of improved customer service and satisfation, as well as internally by streamlining workflows to increase efficiency through the following features and benefits:

  • Retrieval of existing documents directly from the document management system repository
  • Tracks user access and checkout of documents as well as any edits made
  • Data extraction using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to store and later locate data electronically
  • Electronic storage of documents to be later located and retrieved using keywords and phrases
  • Publish and distribute documents in a format not easily altered by unauthorized users
  • Archival of original master versions in regulated industries
  • Distribution of original documents in regulated industries using endorsed and validated equipment
  • Secure printing and records management including compliance for industry-regulated documents
  • Rules-based printing to control document workflow within an organization
  • Collaboration among authorized users, allowing multiple users to edit documents at the same time
  • Access to previous versions and continued work from a selected point
  • Search features to find documents and folders using template attributes or full-text search
  • Accurate reproduction of documents and images
  • Visual validation registration of important data which allows errors or images to be printed on paper

Office Equipment & Document Solutions

Document Solutions go hand-in-hand with your office equipment, and if you already own an MFP, you already have the most expensive part of a document management solution. Basically, the document management solutions are the brains within the equipment, telling your equipment how to route and manage documents. If you don't yet own a multifuntion copier, TC Technologies offers state-of-the-art equipment with features that coincide perfectly with your document solutions.

Document Solutions Applications

To learn more about the specific services TC Technologies offers as a part of our document solutions suite:

Document Management

Rules-Based Printing

Mobile Printing

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