Network Support

Man Monitoring the Network data

Network Monitoring Support ensures your system stays functional and running efficiently. Our knowledgeable staff leverages nearly 30 years of experience to provide strategic IT planning and network monitoring and support under our Managed IT Services offerings.

What is Network Support?

Maintaining a healthy network requires diligent oversight of all your business systems including networked hardware, such as computers, printers, scanners and multifunction copiers, as well as your document management applications. This can be a daunting task for many small to medium-sized businesses. But TC Technologies has the expertise to help monitor and manage your network, either in place of adding full-time IT support to your payroll or to handle overflow from your current IT staff.

Our Network Monitoring Support includes:

  • Details of Network Support & Security
  • Server and Desktop Management
  • Help Desk Support
  • Anti-Virus, Spam Filtering and Malware Protection
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Patch Management
  • Onsite Support and Emergency Response

The Importance of Network Support

The modern workplace must be able to manage remote and mobile access to its hardware and business applications. With this level of access comes inherent security threats that many small and medium-sized enterprises are not prepared to deal with. Network Support is a scalable solution that removes the burden of security as well as the assurance of an always-on, always accessible network from your organization.

You’ll rest easy knowing your entire operation is running smoothly at any time. TC Technologies designs network support solutions for a variety of industries and business sizes. By combining different products and services, our team can customize a solution that will work seamlessly and efficiently for your organization.

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