Managed Print Services

Man Finishes Printing systems

Certified by CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark

TC Technologies has been awarded the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark, a vendor-neutral business credential, recognizing businesses that have achieved excellence in managed print services.

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What Are Managed Print Services?

Also known as MPS, these services shift administrative and IT support related to your print fleet away from your busy team to the TC Technologies team of print management professionals.

With MPS, you’ll enhance the efficiency of your printer fleet, experience less downtime and only pay for the supplies you need, when you need them.

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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is an effective strategy that reduces printer downtime by monitoring usage, maintenance needs, and supply levels. This proactive support eliminates the high cost of after-hours maintenance calls and increases the uptime of your equipment.

Learn more about extending the lifespan of your print fleet with remote monitoring.

Automated Supply Fulfillment

Never experience downtime due to running out of supplies. TC Technologies offers the highest quality remanufactured imaging supplies, as well as OEM toners and other supplies for all major manufacturers. With Automated Supply Fulfillment, we keep an eye on your supply levels and deliver what you need, before you need it.

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Fleet Optimization

Did you know the cost of print hardware represents only 5% of the total cost of ownership? Supplies, service, and support account for 95% of total print-related costs. Through fleet optimization, TC Technologies manages your fleet for maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

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