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TC Technologies strives to be more than a vendor to your business. Our mission is to help you Manage, Optimize and Improve your entire office workflow. 

Manage, Optimize and Improve your Workflow

So how do we do it?

We begin with a current status review of your existing technology to detect any inefficiencies. This will show us where the leaks are and where your office could improve in both efficiency and monetary savings. Finally, we help you implement security measures that cen prevent costly data breaches. Here is a roadmap of the TC Technologies Strategy:

Uncover Inefficiencies

Our free analysis of your current technology exposes any areas where you might be overspending on supplies or adding steps to your process by using unnecessary technology. Once these inefficiencies are discovered, we’ll recommend a better strategy.

Customers are often surprised to learn that their current print fleet setup is causing them to overspend on additional supplies when the better solution might be to redirect the print job to another, more cost-effective machine. Through our Managed Print Services, you'll be able to easily identify inefficiencies and continue to refine your workflows to optimize efficiency. By combining top-notch equipment from trusted brands and leading document solutions to address your specific needs, TC Technologies offers a variety of solutions to bring you closer to your goals.

Learn more about how TC Technologies helps uncover inefficiency. 

Reduce Overspending

In accordance with everyone's favorite business adage "time is money," uncovering and eliminating inefficiencies is a cost saving measure by itself. However, we don't stop there when helping you reduce overspending. 

We know that too many businesses overspend on printing supplies such as paper and toner because they aren't in touch with their inventory levels of these supplies. Whether it's as innocent as losing track or misplacing supplies, or a notorious lack of attention that makes employee dishonesty too easy, print supplies is a common area of overspending. Surely you've guessed that the solution is not spending additional time constantly monitoring and managing these supplies. TC Technologies will work with you on a strategy that both optimizes your budget and improves your efficiency. 

Learn more about how TC Technologies helps reduce overspending.

Enhance Security

Security is an obvious focus for many industries where there are stringent regulations and compliance requirements. However, no matter your industry, a security breach can be costly due to the direct cost of lost data, as well as the indirect consequence of losing trust with clients.

TC Technologies is knowledgeable in the security requirements of many common vertical markets, such as medical and financial services, and has the ability to put together a customized security strategy for a wide range of industries and goals. And it all starts with offering equipment from the most trusted names in office technology, including Xerox, HP and Lexmark. 

Learn more about how TC Technologies helps enhance security.

FREE Analysis of Existing Technology

It all begins with a free analysis of your existing technology to detect any inefficiencies or risks in your operations. After the initial analysis, we’ll make recommendations based on your unique needs. Many times, a simple fix like reorganizing your existing equipment makes all the difference.

If you need to manage, optimize and improve your current workflow to solidify ongoing success,