Document Management


Document Management is the whole package: it uncovers and improves inefficiencies in your workflow, reduces overspending on the administrative costs that come with inefficient practices, and offers the enhanced security you need to stay compliant with your industry's standards for document handling.

What is Document Management?

You may have even heard the terms Records Management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) being used interchangeably when referring to Document Management Solutions, but these all have a slightly different purpose.

A Document Management Solution works with your office equipment to convert paper documents into digital data and store new and existing documents in digital form. The data is securely stored in a repository but can be retrieved at a later date using keywords and phrases. With document management, companies can accomplish a number of goals. But, most importantly, companies can save time and money and improve their business productivity by simply applying some of the features already found in their current equipment or new equipment from TC Technologies. This, combined with our software solutions, gives you everything you need for technology success.

Why Use Document Management?

  • Streamline workflows
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Eliminate the problem of lost and misfiled paper documents
  • Store documents in any format
  • Locate files using keywords
  • Restrict access to certain documents
  • Monitor who and when someone views a document
  • Track edits made to documents
  • Retrieve previous versions of edited documents
  • Manage and delete outdated documents
  • Access, edit and share documents on mobile devices

Ready to see how TC Technologies can manage, optimize, and improve your current workflow? We'll review your existing technology and workflows for FREE. Once we’ve discussed your goals and have determined your technical weaknesses, our experienced staff will recommend and implement a combination of redeployment of existing technology, document solutions and new office technology and applications to manage your document workflow.

Streamline your business operations with the right Document Management Solution.