Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers

About our Multifunction Copiers

Our multifunction copiers are capable of handling several different functions at once. Sometimes called All-In-Ones or Multifunction Printers (or MFPs), these devices are designed for centralized document management. The TC Technologies MFP offerings can handle printing, scanning, copying, fax and email distribution while keeping you secure and energy efficient.

Multifunction Copiers are the ultimate office equipment necessary to manage, optimize and improve your office productivity.

  • View, Retrieve, Collaborate. By combining advanced document solutions with our robust MFPs, you can share and store your documents in high resolution for easy viewing, retrieval, and collaboration.

  • Secure and Save Energy. Built-in features add an extra layer of security, while the latest designs comply with energy-saving standards.

  • Store or Send. Why waste paper and toner when you can store the document in a repository until you need it, or just email it?

Regardless of your industry, our MFPs come readily equipped to fulfill all your printing needs.

Solutions for Your Department and Your Industry

Sales departments, marketing departments, and administrative offices can benefit from the robust functionality of MFPs to optimize productivity, while highly regulated industries like Healthcare, Government, Finance or Legal need the integrated security features available on these devices. TC Technologies will fit your business with all the equipment features and document management solutions you’ll need to manage, optimize and improve your business. 

Black and white or color requirements are not a problem and TC Technologies provides high speed and highly accurate document solutions to scan the data from a document and securely store it in a digital file.

Looking for faster speeds, higher volume, security, accuracy or just a smaller footprint? We’ve got you covered.

Our FREE Current Status Review helps us detect any weaknesses in your current workflow and together we will decide which devices should be replaced, removed or revamped. Our equipment integrates seamlessly into your current technology setup. The only difference will be faster speeds and better quality.

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