Rules-Based Printing

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How Can Rules-Based Printing Improve Your Bottomline?

Rules-based printing controls the outcome of a print job based on rules set by IT administrators. This saves time and money by sending print jobs to the machine that is most appropriate for the quality, speed, and detail needed for the job.

With the TC Technologies Rules-Based Printing solution, IT managers can save their company hundreds of dollars by directing print jobs to specific and less costly printers when possible and by controlling the overall printing outcome. For instance, one rule might suggest a print job print in black and white and two-sided as opposed to color or one-sided when it is not necessary for that particular job.

Streamlining your entire office workflow through rules-based printing will also result in a more sustainable and secure environment. Besides the amount of supplies you will conserve, your work environment will remain secure by setting rules to print in a certain way that will keep your data secure, such as implementing a rule that prevents a job from being printed until the authorized person physically enters their passcode at the printer. You can also set it up so the prints are documented, giving you knowledge of who sent what print and when. There are numerous of solutions available to improve your current office technology workflow using rules-based printing.

Benefits of Rules-Based Printing:

  • Automatically redirects print jobs to less costly or underused devices
  • Reduces the cost of prints
  • Maintains data confidentiality
  • Eliminates unnecessary and costly single-sided or color printing

These are just a few benefits to Rules-Based Printing, but our team can unlock even more possibilities that address your specific concerns and future goals.

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