Happy Clients

I can’t say enough great things about TC Technologies. The service provided by your company has been the best that I have had. Your techs are friendly and knowledgeable. Any issues we experience with our copiers and printers have been taken care of in a timely fashion and fully resolved, in most cases, within hours of my call.

You guys go out of your way to service us even if it means the Owner, Richard has to come out and take care of it when techs are not readily available. You make me look good to my employers!

I would highly recommend TC Technologies to anyone looking for outstanding dedication to their customers and a refreshing change from the typical copier and printer dealer experience.

Sean | IT Manager, Pharmacy Operations

When it comes to office printing and imaging there are many print and copier dealers that talk a good game but TC Technologies delivers.  For the past 25 years we have relied on TC Technologies to maintain our office printer fleet.  Our recent move to new offices demonstrates the continued dedication of TC Technologies to meeting our goals which focused on creating a more efficient, cost effective and secure document imaging environment.

A print study was conducted by TC Technologies which found that we had an excessive number of print devices resulting in underutilization and excessive costs.  It was also determined that there was a great deal of wasted print, a less than ideal level of hardcopy document security and a lack of accessibility to various document imaging functions for many of our team members.

TC Technologies recommended and implemented a new fleet configuration which:

  • Reduced the print fleet to 32 networked devices from the previous 72 devices and eliminated 53 personal desktop printers.
  • Provided the needed print, copy and scan functionality for every team member
  • Instituted a secure release system for documents
  • Introduced simple rules-based printing to enforce 2-sided and monochrome print as primary output choices.

The results have been impressive with our company tracking a 40% reduction in the cost of office printing.  Along with the lower cost, paper consumption has been reduced which complements our sustainability efforts.  Document security and output flexibility have been greatly enhanced since pages can no longer be printed until the document owner is authenticated using their ID badge and releases the document for printing at the device.  The response time for onsite managed print services is excellent, often the same day if not within a few hours.

What I absolutely love about working with TC Technologies is they recommend solutions that save us money even when it reduces their fees.  They value the long-term relationship more than their own selfishness.  That is a valued business partner and I am glad that a large global company like us can support a local company in Buffalo where we have one of our biggest offices.  Thank you TC Technologies for partnership!

Scott | VP Finance, Accounting Services

As a long term customer, I wanted to comment on the additional value you’ve brought to our department with the implementation of TC Technologies print management services.

I’ve found that we have dramatically reduced the time spent on resolving issues related to our printers. Your proactive maintenance of our print devices has improved uptime and reduced the number of calls we receive for printer issues. The remote monitoring of printer status has virtually eliminated the need to place calls for printer service as you are most often aware of issues before our users alert us. We also find that is no longer necessary for us to place orders for supplies orders since you automatically dispatch toners as they are needed. While it is hard to say exactly how much time these benefits have saved our department, it is likely that we have gained back several hours of our time each month that we can now devote to more mission-critical projects.

We also enjoy the convenience of a single monthly invoice. It used to be a jolt to our budget when we encountered a major maintenance or repair to a printer. Toner, maintenance, service and parts are now all included and invoiced as a simple, single cost per page. This leads to easier budgeting and no invoice surprises.

Keith | IT Director, Higher Education

Working with Kim & TC Technologies has made my job of ordering toner much easier. I especially like the fact that I can place the order online, and instantly receive a confirmation that the order was placed. Kim worked with me to include all of our 40 sites in one master list. On top of all of that, the cost savings is phenomenal.

Bob | Purchasing Manager, Human Services Organization

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What I absolutely love about working with TC Technologies is they recommend solutions that save us money even when it reduces their fees.
Scott | VP Finance, Accounting Services