The Cost of Not Having Document Management


If you're researching document management, then you've probably come across a lot of documents, articles, and reviews telling you all about how much money, time, and energy it saves. That's true (and excellent!) information, but sometimes it's not the most efficient way to help you realize just how vital document management can be. Today we're switching things around, so prepare to take a look at the cost of not having document management--and remember, the truth might surprise you.

Improve Workflows by Going Digital


When was the last time you evaluated how your clients and customers actually operate, versus how your business operates?

It might be time to think about a critical work disconnect - when we keep doing something because it makes sense to us (like handing out brochures) - but that's not how customers function (they are all searching online, of course!).

The fastest answer to this kind of issue is to shift your workflow to digital, since that's where your customers are anyway.

One Easy Way to Advance Your Whole Business

document management

Your business is growing fast, and things are picking up - the pace of business only increases as you grow, it seems. This means it's time to evaluate processes and areas of improvement.

Employees can get burned out with growing businesses, and leaders can struggle with keeping all the pieces in place with constant change. While cutting back hours and focus aren't options, finding ways to work smarter is a great way to improve morale and operations.

Today's businesses use many tools that enable your workforce to complete the same amount of work in less time.

6 Reasons to Review Your Printer/Copier Repair

copier repair

Maintenance agreements are not quite the set-it and forget-it document that you may imagine. While it seems like it may be one and done, it's not - your needs and use levels are always changing, as is technology, the vendor, and more.

Printers and Copiers Keep the Office Running

If your repair agreement is outdated or dysfunctional, your work can be seriously impacted.

Here are six reasons to stay ahead of the contract so you don't get surprised if something goes down that isn't covered.


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