Printer Security

Man Writing Code For Printers System

Security Threats

Security breaches can occur at any time, in any establishment, and in a variety of ways. To stay ahead of the hacker game, companies need to implement solutions that prevent malicious threats from even reaching their establishment in the first place.

Wireless Security

The introduction of wireless connectivity and storage such as cloud-based Google or Dropbox, among other wireless capabilities, has compounded security risks even further. Although convenient, granting access to in-house technology increases a company’s vulnerability even more. 

To certify a secure environment, regardless of origin or intent, we’ve adapted a number of security solutions to prevent threats from infiltrating your office environment.

Our Paperless Systems and Paper to Digital Conversions maintain an audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance, document security, and privacy. In addition, our print fleet optimization solutions protect and secure systems from hackers, viruses, and malware.

Security for a Variety of Industries

Perhaps the most stringent of all environments is the healthcare industry due to HIPAA laws. But our partners specialize in high-risk industries such as Healthcare, Finance, and Legal, so we’ve got you covered regardless.

Not sure if your current security is up-to-date?