6 Reasons to Review Your Printer/Copier Repair

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Maintenance agreements are not quite the set-it and forget-it document that you may imagine. While it seems like it may be one and done, it's not - your needs and use levels are always changing, as is technology, the vendor, and more.

Printers and Copiers Keep the Office Running

If your repair agreement is outdated or dysfunctional, your work can be seriously impacted.

Here are six reasons to stay ahead of the contract so you don't get surprised if something goes down that isn't covered.

1. Coverages can change

With technology, new parts, and advancements, things that were once covered may now be obsolete. Especially if you've invested in newer office equipment recently in some areas, it's worth investigating across your organization.

2. Staff can come and go

Usually policy is policy, but you never know if you had everything right to begin with. Reviewing your agreement regularly means you know it's rock solid with the vendor company.

3. Technology updates

Technology changes quickly, and sometimes things that used to be considered normal or safe are no longer the same.

4. Parts and supplies may be unavailable

This is a common issue with all equipment - if the machine becomes outdated, supplies or parts may be obsolete, rendering repairs impossible. Don't be surprised by this shift!

5. Maintenance availability may shift

As businesses grow, maintenance may have different priorities, booking requirements, or appointments available. It's good to be aware of how your repair team operates, even if you haven't needed them in a while.

6. Outdated clauses could come back to haunt you

If you're leaning on a warranty that's outdated or you missed a statement about older machines, that could hurt you. Stay on top of language, even as the agreement changes.

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You see the theme here - time to look into the best repair agreement for you. Contact TC Technologies to learn more.


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