The Cost of Not Having Document Management

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If you're researching document management, then you've probably come across a lot of documents, articles, and reviews telling you all about how much money, time, and energy it saves. That's true (and excellent!) information, but sometimes it's not the most efficient way to help you realize just how vital document management can be. Today we're switching things around, so prepare to take a look at the cost of not having document management--and remember, the truth might surprise you.

A Day Without Document Management

We've all heard that old saying, "you never know what you have until it's gone." That's the basis for today's exploration of a day without document management: if you get so used to hearing about all the tools and solutions, then you might start to overlook them--so let's see what happens when they're not present at all.

  • Problem #1: Trouble begins with human error.

Everyone has just come into work, and it seems too early for anything to go wrong--but without document management, problems are bound to arise. The first issue appears when someone makes an innocent mistake filling out a form. Nobody catches it until that form has already been distributed to multiple teams, so now everyone has to play a part in cleaning up this mess.

(With document management, automation tools would have filled out this form in an instant, eliminating the risk of human error.)

  • Problem #2: Time wastes away when it comes to filing storage.

Let's say that, on this day without document management, you have to face the file storage room. You're probably surrounded by file cabinets that are "supposed" to be organized but rarely actually are, and you have to search for your document by hand rather than typing in the title or keyword. You end up wasting a lot of time.

(With document management, you can say goodbye to file cabinets. Digital documents are easier and cheaper to store, organize, search, and share.)

  • Problem #3: Security problems make everyone panic.

It's the end of the day, but the trouble isn't over yet. Now somebody has left a sensitive document on the printer, and it's fallen into the wrong hands--and suddenly you're on the defensive, trying to put out the fires associated with a security breach.

(With document management, you'll have tools like follow-me printing to eliminate security issues both offline and online.)


So, that's a day without document management. To make sure that never happens to you, contact us today!


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