Easy Paths to Sustainability in Your Office

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We know "sustainability" and "easy" don't always belong in the same sentence. However, for the past 33 years, it's been our mission to make those words go together like trees and leaves--both in our own operations and for businesses like yours. Here's a look at what we've learned and how it can help you go green without breaking a sweat.

Sustainability for Your Business

Your business, like every business, has a role to play in protecting the environment. Of course, it's not always clear what that role is--which is why it's helpful to have some pointers like these:

Tip #1: Reduce paper waste.

It might seem easy to reduce paper waste, but when you try translating that into actionable solutions, you might feel a little stuck. The key is to start with solutions like managed print services. Managed print helps you start at the beginning--that is to say, it helps you learn exactly how much paper you're using and why. Without this information, any attempt at reducing waste would be a shot in the dark, and it might even make your sustainability efforts into bad news for your budget. Luckily, managed print helps you leverage this data to make smarter, greener choices and reduce waste without stress.

Tip #2: Reorganize your fleets.

Part of managed print services is fleet optimization. With this solution at your fingertips, you'll have the support you need to reorganize your printer fleet. Why does that matter? Well, as it turns out, the placement of your printers can have a big impact on how often they're used and for what. Additionally, certain settings make it too easy to waste paper, ink, toner, and energy without realizing it--which is just one more way managed print helps save the day.

Tip #3: Use digital tools.

Need to take notes or share an important project? Think for a minute before you hit "print." There are often a variety of digital tools that could do the communicating for you, all without wasting paper and toner. Your job is to make sure those tools are readily available and that everyone in your business knows how and when to use them.

Tip #4: Build a greener company culture.

Going green isn't just about making a plan to reduce waste; it's about ensuring everyone sticks to that plan. This means building a greener company culture--one that prioritizes awareness and supports people in their efforts to be better every day.

Sustainability for Our Business

Here at TC Technologies, we never advise businesses to "do what we say, not what we do." If we're going to tell you how to handle sustainability, you can bet we're doing it ourselves, too--and here are just a few ways we make that happen:


This clever title says it all. The PrintReleaf program measures print consumption, does the math to find out how many trees that represents, and then automatically plants them. It's a way to reduce your carbon footprint while doing some measurable good for the world, and we're happy to say it's a big part of how we see sustainability in our own offices.

Remanufactured Supplies

We're the original printer cartridge manufacturer and recycler in Western NY--but we're also a remanufacturer. That means we're well aware of how destructive those cartridges can be when they end up in landfills--and we decided to do something about it. We remanufacture toner, photo drums, cartridges, and more, offering a simple and cost-effective way for businesses like yours to get a little greener.

Good Habits

We practice what we preach. For example, our managed print services can recommend all the best digital communication tools because we use them to cut down on our own paper use. It's these kinds of small but powerful habits that help change the world--one piece of paper at a time.


While sustainability might not always be easy, it's always worth pursuing. That's what we believe here. Of course, we also believe that a little help never hurts--which is why our sustainability efforts are part of everything we do for your business. That's especially true when it comes to solutions like managed print services and fleet optimization.

Ready to join us on our mission to go green? Contact us today to see how managed print can help.

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