Finding the Best Anti-Virus Solutions

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Computer viruses got you down? Not to worry--there are plenty of anti-virus solutions out there promising to save the day. But how many of them actually keep those promises? Here's how to choose an anti-virus approach that can protect your business's computers (and everything on them).

What is Anti-Virus Software?

You've probably heard about anti-virus software and how it's a necessary tool for protecting certain office technology. But what is it really?

Unlike some other security solutions (such as endpoint protection), anti-virus software is installed on each individual device. Its job is to constantly scan the device for any sign of intrusion, identifying and removing all kinds of digital trouble. Automatic alerts let you know when the software has identified a problem and what your next steps should be.

It's important to keep in mind that anti-virus solutions generally can't identify novel threats. They're only looking for problems they've been taught to recognize--which is one big reason it's so important to choose the right anti-virus approach.

Why Your Business Needs Anti-Virus Solutions

Now that you know the what, it's time to think about the why.

Anti-virus software is a vital tool in your company's security toolbox, and here's why:

  • It provides consistent protection: Regular scans offer comprehensive coverage, offering device-level protection that never rests.

  • It catches little issues before they get big: Even if a virus does find its way onto your device, anti-virus software helps identify the issue before it has time to wreak real havoc on your business, reputation, and budget.

  • It protects you from all kinds of damage: If a virus or other digital problem goes unchecked, it can quickly create issues like data loss, security breaches, and even legal trouble. Anti-virus solutions help mitigate this kind of damage.

  • It limits downtime: Identifying, tracking, and removing viruses could be time-consuming without anti-virus software as your guide. Luckily, the right approach can help reduce downtime and get you up and running faster.

Choosing Your Anti-Virus Approach

It's clear that the stakes couldn't be much higher. That's why it's important to choose an anti-virus solution that fits your needs and intelligently protects your devices. Ask yourself questions like these:

What do we need to protect?

You probably have a lot of different devices with a lot of different vulnerabilities. For example, your mobile phone isn't just a phone; it also accesses applications, emails, attachments, and more--which means it needs to be protected in all those ways.

How does the solution work?

A good anti-virus solution will be based on a sort of "database." This is where known threats are stored and cataloged, allowing the software to respond more accurately to different issues. If this database isn't regularly updated, your software will quickly fall behind, which means you'll leave yourself open to threats without even realizing it.

Should we stop at anti-virus software?

Here's a hint: The best anti-virus software generally isn't a standalone solution. Instead, it's one part of a comprehensive security service that protects your IT environment holistically, offering a more sophisticated level of defense.

The Top Choice for Anti-Virus Protection

Looking for anti-virus protection that keeps its promises? You need Digital Watchdog.

What makes Digital Watchdog so special? Well, it's not just anti-virus protection. Instead, it's a web of solutions built around your devices and network. For example, remote monitoring keeps a constant eye on your tech environment, while antivirus protection scans for specific threats and malware removal is ready to leap into action at a moment's notice.

Better yet, Digital Watchdog is implemented and operated by IT professionals who know how to answer all your questions and solve the toughest tech problems. It's offered both with and without full-service managed IT, which means you're free to choose the structure that works best for your business.

In conclusion, anti-virus protection is a big part of any company's security approach, but it's not the only thing to consider when it comes to defending your IT environment.

Contact us today to see how Digital Watchdog can make anti-virus (and more!) an easy choice.


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