How Law Firms Can Improve Print Processes

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Is your law firm struggling with an inefficient, frustrating print environment? Do you wonder where your print budget goes? Are you worried about data security whenever you turn on your printers and connected devices?

If so, print management might just have the answers you need. Here's how law firms can improve print processes the easy way.

Benefits of a Print Management Provider

The first thing to know about print management is that it's not something you have to do by yourself. You team up with a print management provider--a partner who does the hard work for you while still leaning on your industry expertise to make the best decisions for your unique firm.

Here are a few things a print management provider should bring to the table:

  • Expertise

A good provider will know a little bit of everything--and that means bringing know-how across multiple IT fields. Print management providers aren't just printer experts; they're also professionals in security, networks, device connections, and more.

  • Experience

While a newcomer to the print management world may have plenty to offer, it's always smart to go with experienced pros. You should look for providers who have a long list of happy customers, ideally from the legal industry, and plenty of glowing testimonials.

  • Services

Good providers should offer key services such as supply management, fleet optimization, security, and more. Don't settle for a provider who only focuses on printing--there's always more to the story.

  • Support

Your law firm will have changing needs and challenges. The right print management provider will offer ongoing support, which means you'll always be able to ask questions, make changes, and even get troubleshooting help.

How Print Management Improves Law Firm Print Processes

Your law firm doesn't need to struggle with inefficient processes, expensive print jobs, and frustrating workflows. Here's how print management improves processes of all shapes and sizes:

Device and Fleet Optimization

There are two "levels" at which print management can optimize your printers: device and fleet.

  • Device-level optimization allows your provider to choose the best settings and apps for your printers. This helps you eliminate waste by putting your machines to work for you.
  • Fleet-level optimization is a chance for you and your provider to identify machines that need updates or upgrades. You'll also have help budgeting for new machines or consolidating old ones.

This enables you to make decisions that directly benefit your entire law firm--including cutting down on your utilization of paper, ink, and energy.


Print management approaches security in a variety of different ways, especially when it comes to the legal industry. For example, your provider may recommend solutions like encryption, which don't interrupt your workflow but keep your data safe from hackers and other outside agents. You'll also have a chance to review security vulnerabilities across your fleet, and your provider will recommend targeted changes or tools to help defend your data--from user authentication to follow-me printing.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a great way to make sure your print environment always lives up to your law firm's expectations. Your provider will keep a close eye on every detail--and that's not just about security red flags. It's also a great way to learn more about your print usage habits--information you can use to streamline and simplify your workflows.

Supply Management

Supplies can be expensive, but they can also be inefficient--especially if they're gone right when you need them. Print management helps you learn your supply habits and automatically orders more so you never run out of paper, ink, toner, and more. Once you have this information, your law firm can start identifying opportunities to cut down on printer usage--not just to save money on supplies, but to benefit your storage needs, environmental footprint, and more.

Workflow Improvements

A print management provider knows what works and what doesn't--and you know what works for your unique law firm. By working together, you'll be able to eliminate unnecessary steps, simplify processes, address inefficiency, and overall improve your workflows without introducing new security vulnerabilities.


Law firms face unique challenges when it comes to print needs, which means you need a partner who can keep up. Luckily, that's where print management comes in. A print management provider can help you make the best decisions, protect your machines and data, optimize your fleet, and more.

Contact us today to see what print management can do for your law firm.

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