What To Know About AI & Cybersecurity

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With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a more significant part of our everyday lives, it makes sense that this new variable would eventually work its way into the cybersecurity landscape. Here's what you need to know about AI & cybersecurity--and a few tech tips to keep your company safe along the way.

AI & Cybersecurity: AI for the Good Guys

If AI isn't yet part of your office technology stack, don't worry--it will be soon. AI has already found its home in plenty of antivirus software, identity management tools, and risk management solutions--but perhaps more importantly, it's supporting the people behind the tech.

Here are a few examples of what AI can do for "the good guys" (like you!) in the cybersecurity struggle:

Behavior Analysis

Some AI tools are designed to gather behavioral data. The system studies hackers and their habits--how they operate, what methods they use, how they move inside systems, and more. This helps in two big ways:

  • Identifying patterns: When you know how a hacker thinks and what they're likely to do next, you can anticipate their next move and potentially keep them from gaining access in the first place.
  • Addressing vulnerabilities: AI systems are great at finding out how hackers do their work, which means you'll be able to see where your cybersecurity measures are lacking and can quickly close those doors.

Data Management

Cybersecurity involves a lot of data. Even small businesses often analyze outside information to learn more about trends, patterns, and emerging risks, which means there's a lot to sift through. Fortunately, AI can help there, too. AI systems can search through data sets looking for preprogrammed red flags or anything you indicate is of importance. These solutions can also help remove false positives to create more accurate data, which is then easier for human analysts to work with and respond to.

Risk Prioritization

Although AI & cybersecurity are a great match, there's still a critical human element in this equation. Employees need to know what actions to take based on information provided by the AI system--which is why it's helpful to utilize AI solutions that prioritize responses and suggest next steps based on attack patterns.

AI & Cybersecurity: AI for the Bad Guys

Unfortunately, the AI & cybersecurity story isn't always a happy one. Bad actors such as hackers and other cybercriminals can use AI in some of the same ways your company would. For example:

  • Behavior analysis: Hackers can use AI to study patterns in your cybersecurity approach and create more accurate, devastating attacks.
  • Data management: AI helps digital criminals gather and analyze much larger data sets from far more companies, which means they'll have richer insights and fewer instances of misinterpretation.
  • Risk prioritization: Cybercriminals can also anticipate how you'll respond to their attacks and create new ways of getting around your security checkpoints. For example, a hacker might use AI to generate phishing emails that look far more legitimate than they used to, thereby tricking your employees.

Tips for AI & Cybersecurity Success

The good news is that, even as the AI & cybersecurity landscape evolves, your company can keep up. Here are a few quick tips:

Get Help When Necessary

Don't try to tackle cybersecurity alone. Managed IT services can help protect your business with AI and other powerful tools.

Do Your Research

Understand how AI impacts the attacks you currently defend against and how that changes your approach. Keep in mind that you can learn from how hackers use AI--not just to counteract them, but to turn their own tool against them.

Stay Vigilant

AI doesn't replace other cybersecurity solutions or expertise; it just adds another level of defense. Remember that AI isn't perfect and can potentially be manipulated by hackers or misinterpreted by your own team--which means you still need to rely on human effort to protect your company.

AI & cybersecurity are evolving together. To stay protected, your company needs to keep up with both.

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