Rethink Print: Decentralize Your Devices

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Traditionally, many offices use large multifunction devices as the main source for employee print jobs, often in hopes of optimizing business functions and reducing costs. However, in most cases this approach is actually more costly—the devices use more energy, necessitate extra maintenance, and require expensive ink and toner cartridges. Additionally, having a centralized print source can reduce productivity, especially when multiple people need to print at the same time. 

If you're still using centralized printers and finding that you're overspending and seeing productivity struggles, it might be time to rethink your printing. 

Decentralizing Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs 

In busy times, it is crucial for offices to have efficient office equipment. Using an experienced vendor can help you identify issues, create a strategy to solve them, and show you real results. For offices struggling with inefficiency, for instance, the first step is to get rid of the centralized system.

A solution-focused vendor will recommend limiting office equipment sharing as a necessary part of managing your print environment. They will also ensure their clients will have state-of-the-art office technology that will significantly reduce overspending and boost productivity. These two components, alone or as part of a larger strategy, will make a tremendous difference in overall costs and your office's productivity. 

Another key step would be adding managed print services to enable administrators to proactively maintain their printers, control costs, and enhance business procedures. This is particularly important when moving to a decentralized print environment in order to keep on top of multiple printers and multifunction devices. Establishing parameters that maintain document workflow control in the printer fleet makes all these capabilities possible. 

Print Fleet Optimization

Print fleet optimization is an important step in managed print services. Fleet optimization includes earnings maximization and/or cost minimization while satisfying all business and regulatory constraints. It balances short-term optimization or operation process transitions against any replacement power and resulting added maintenance cost to reduce the total cost.  

When it comes to print fleet optimization, it's much more than maintaining up and running machines. Many companies with high-quality print fleet optimization would also have one vendor that simplifies printer fleet management. As a result, companies see the following benefits, especially when working with the right team: 

  • A clear picture of total costs associated with printing 
  • A reduction in administrative staff's time an energy on print needs
  • A top-of-the-line customized strategy designed for the clients' printing fleet

And, with print fleet optimization you can count on increased efficiency, improved sustainability, and enhanced security. 

Finding the Solution That's Right for You

There is no cookie-cutter solution for every business. That's why it's vital that you work with a vendor that tailors every service to a specific company's needs. At TC Technologies, we match our strategy to your current and ideal print environment. For example, we take into consideration the following important printing aspects for your company: 

  • What print output volume would your company complete? 
  • Are there more ways to increase sustainability?
  • How many departments utilize the printer?
  • How can office traffic be improved? 
  • What are the essential print security features?


Decentralizing your printing can make a huge difference in your organization's time, energy, and print costs. Using a managed print service that optimizes your print fleet is the best way to incorporate better efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For more information about top-notch print fleet optimization and printers, contact TC Technologies today.  

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