Rethink Print: How COVID-19 Has Transformed the Workplace

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COVID-19 lockdowns have forever changed the way businesses operate. With workplace decentralization happening, commercial equipment has become obsolete. It’s time to rethink print technology.

The Rise of the Hybrid Workplace

Video meeting software, online collaboration tools, and cloud office technology make remote work possible. In fact, as crazy as it may sound, some people might not ever step foot in an office again. 2021 has become the “year of the hybrid workplace” and projections indicate that this trend likely will continue.  

One major change involves how companies handle print documents. You don’t need oversized and overpriced printing equipment taking up space at your workplace or home. While it's true that not everyone requires hard copies anymore, that doesn't mean that printing is obsolete. 

New Office Technology for The Hybrid Workforce

The common problems offices face aren't aways with the specific machines used, rather, about reconciling the digital and physical world with one another. Integration of cloud tools connects online collaboration tools with humans. These examples illustrate how remote workplaces operate.

Document Sent Via Email

This existed for more than 20 years when “Yahoo! Briefcase” used to be “a thing.” Freelance workers, in fact, hardly ever see a printer. They email their finished documents to employers or clients and rarely have to use paper to complete a project. 

However, both freelance and payroll employees may have times when project managers require that team members print their own documents. Some workers, who might prepare projects at home, may not have a printer, but they don’t need one. They can send the documents to printers by email and request pickup as soon as an hour later.

Sending Direct Mail Online

You could just send email newsletters, fliers, and business cards. However, old-school “direct marketing” using paper letters still seems to be effective because it doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

You could make an impression on potential customers if you send newsletters to their homes, but you don’t have to leave your remote space to do it. In fact, you could complete direct mail campaigns not only from your living space but while on a beach or at a café if you keep confidential information secure. Online mailing services take care of this for you, and this includes the printing service.

Online Document Management

Online document management includes shared calendars, document storage, editing, and communication within cloud project boards. You can set up deadlines and create discussions too. What's more, try integrating video meeting technology into this for the most effective collaboration, especially if you use screen sharing. This also might involve sending documents to one another that you may print later.

Don’t Forget About Security

Contact TC Technologies to learn how to set up your hybrid workplace. In the process, don’t forget to ask our certified office technology team about online security for your remote offices.

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