Document Management Tips: Digital Invoicing for Small Businesses

Posted on Jun 21 2022.
digital invoice
Small businesses are an important part of any community and, perhaps more importantly, the economy overall. However, as a small business, you probably feel like most solutions don't cater to your unique needs, especially when it comes to invoicing. Luckily, document management is here to save the day with digital invoicing--one answer to a whole lot of problems.

Security Solutions for Responsible Technology Use

Posted on Jun 13 2022.
Internet network security concept with hands holding up security vectors

One way or another, technology is part of just about everything. It's become so commonplace that most people don't even think about it anymore--and while that leads to great things, it also creates a few problems. The truth is that when you use machines and devices all the time, it's too easy to fall into bad tech habits--habits that can be bad news for your business.

How to Say Goodbye to Paper Contracts

Posted on Jun 6 2022.
signing an electronic document on a digital document on a virtual notebook screen

When it comes to going paperless, many companies have one big question: "How will we handle legal contracts?" Not to worry--the digital world has a solution. Here's what you need to know about how document management solutions like e-signatures can help you say goodbye to paper contracts once and for all.

Dodging the Biggest, Baddest Cybersecurity Threats

Posted on May 26 2022.
data protection and internet security concept, user typing

Cybersecurity has been part of the business world for a long time now, but that doesn't mean you should have it all figured out. In fact, the key to cybersecurity is understanding how it changes and how to keep up--which is exactly what we're exploring today. Buckle in as we cover the biggest, baddest cybersecurity threats facing businesses like yours!

4 Tips for Archiving Paper Documents

Posted on May 19 2022.
Unfinished paperwork stacked in archive with color paper clips

Document management isn't all about cloud service and digitized files. It's also a great way to take control of your physical documents--and we're willing to bet you've still got a few. Here are four document management tips for archiving physical files the right way.

4 Easy Ways to Implement Remote Document Security

Posted on May 11 2022.
side view of smiling remote worker working on documents

Are your employees working from home? Do you wonder how you'll ever be able to improve document security when your best assets--your people--are spread around the city or even the world? You're not alone. Luckily, we've got four ideas for remote document security that are sure to help you craft a stronger approach.

Streamline with a Workflow Workshop

Posted on May 11 2022.
helpful tips
Want to streamline workflows? Have a workflow workshop!

3 Printing Solutions for Remote Employees

Posted on May 3 2022.
home workstation with computer screens and a cat

Whether your workforce is hybrid or fully remote, one thing's for sure: At-home work comes with its own set of unique challenges. To give employees the support they need no matter where they are, it's important to consider every detail--even something as humble as printing.

What to Know About Printer Fleet Optimization

Posted on Apr 26 2022.
Single printer against a white wall

You've probably seen countless solutions for individual printers--tools and approaches that promise to improve security or boost efficiency. But have you ever thought about what would happen if you treated your entire fleet as a single, living entity?

Here's your guide to a solution that does just that: printer fleet optimization.

Office Equipment: Label Printing 101

Posted on Apr 20 2022.
label printer
Do you know the history of label printing or how it works today? Are you wondering if your business could benefit from label printers? You've come to the right place! Let's take a deep dive into this office equipment to find out everything about label printing.


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