What Managed IT Does for Manufacturing

Posted on Aug 22 2022.
engineer holding a laptop in manufacturing plant

With so many unique challenges, from supply chain disruptions to machine breakdowns on the plant floor, manufacturers have a lot to deal with every day. Technology is supposed to help overcome those issues--but what helps you overcome tech troubles?

Luckily, that's where managed IT comes in.

Smart Manufacturing with Managed IT

Evolving your plant into a smart factory is likely one of your top goals. After all, smart manufacturing is often called the future of the industry--and once you fall behind, it's expensive and time-consuming to catch up.

Digital, Wet, and Electronic Signatures: What's the Difference?

Posted on Aug 15 2022.
digital pen preparing to sign a digital document

Autograph, signature, John Hancock--whatever you call it, signing a document is an important part of many business transactions, which is why it deserves your attention when it comes to process improvements. Luckily, there are plenty of document solutions designed to make signatures simpler and more secure. Here's what you need to know!

Three 3 Signature Types

Did you know there are three kinds of signatures, and each one can be used for different things? Here's a quick look:

Document Management vs. Records Management

Posted on Aug 8 2022.
documents on office table with laptop and two colleagues discussing data

When getting your company's information in order, you may hear two similar terms: "document management" and "records management." While they might seem almost interchangeable at first glance, there are actually some important differences--and to protect your business, data, and customers, you should know exactly what you're dealing with when these terms come up.

5 IT Risks Every Company Should Know

Posted on Jul 25 2022.
using digital tablet with server room, data center, big data storage as backgrounds

IT risks are everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, that means it can be difficult to know what exactly you're looking for. That's why we compiled a list of the biggest and most important IT security risks (and how managed IT services can help you overcome them).

Is Your Business Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Posted on Jul 19 2022.
Ransomware alert message on a laptop screen

Are you ready for a ransomware attack? Do you know exactly what ransomware is or what it does to your company's machines? If you answered no to one or more of these questions, don't worry--you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about ransomware and how to prepare for an attack!

What is Ransomware?

There are all kinds of cybersecurity risks and threat types swirling around out there, but ransomware is one you might not believe when you first hear about it. That's because ransomware sounds like something out of a spy thriller movie.

Cybersecurity Wisdom for Small Businesses

Posted on Jul 11 2022.
Male business professional in office talking on cell phone.

Small businesses have needs and challenges their larger counterparts will never experience, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. That means you need to get creative to protect yourself, your employees, your customers, and your business overall. Here are a few cybersecurity tips tailored to fit small businesses!

Do Small Businesses Face Unique Cybersecurity Risks?

Although small businesses have different needs than other companies across the board, this is uniquely true when it comes to cybersecurity. That's because hackers see you as an easy target.

Is Managed IT Right for Small Businesses? What You Need to Know

Posted on Jul 5 2022.
3 startup employees looking at computer screen

Are you considering managed IT services for your small business? Here's everything you need to know before you make the final decision!

What is Managed IT?

At its core, managed IT services looks like an outsourcing solution. You choose a provider and allow this company to take over certain IT tasks and responsibilities, freeing you up to focus on more important elements of your business.

How to Improve Security for a Remote Workforce

Posted on Jun 27 2022.
woman working with data online at home

Business security is hard enough--but security for a remote workforce? That's a whole new challenge! Today we're here to help by providing a few simple but powerful tips to help make your remote teams feel more connected, empowered, and secure. Let's get started!

Document Management Tips: Digital Invoicing for Small Businesses

Posted on Jun 21 2022.
digital invoice
Small businesses are an important part of any community and, perhaps more importantly, the economy overall. However, as a small business, you probably feel like most solutions don't cater to your unique needs, especially when it comes to invoicing. Luckily, document management is here to save the day with digital invoicing--one answer to a whole lot of problems.

Security Solutions for Responsible Technology Use

Posted on Jun 13 2022.
Internet network security concept with hands holding up security vectors

One way or another, technology is part of just about everything. It's become so commonplace that most people don't even think about it anymore--and while that leads to great things, it also creates a few problems. The truth is that when you use machines and devices all the time, it's too easy to fall into bad tech habits--habits that can be bad news for your business.

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