3 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Workflows

Posted on Jan 31 2019.
Workflows for effeciency

Most big business problems can't be solved in a day. They require a lot of research and hard work in order to be completely eliminated, especially when it comes to big stuff like finding inefficiencies or enhancing security. Believe it or not, though, there are three easy ways to strengthen your workflow that you can implement today. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out what they are!

Why Document Management is Your New Best Friend

Posted on Jan 24 2019.
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You might not think of your company as needing "friends," but the truth is that businesses of all shapes and sizes need a helping hand now and again. That's where document management comes in. By learning the ins and outs of your business and helping you go digital in the most efficient way possible, document management providers really do become like a friend to your company.

Protect Printers and Copiers with 3 Quick Tips

Posted on Jan 14 2019.
quick tips

Security for your printers and copiers isn't something you can take lightly, but it shouldn't be stressful, either. With these few quick tips you can try out today, you'll be well on your way to safer, happier office equipment!

Managed Services: Small Changes, Big Differences

Posted on Jan 10 2019.
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Businesses of all shapes and sizes can be a little nervous about change--and for good reason. After all, it's difficult to get entire teams on the same page when something changes, let alone the whole company. Luckily, with managed services like document management, you only have to take little steps to see big changes--and here's the proof.

Data Capture with Document Management

Posted on Dec 18 2018.
document management

Document management employs a lot of pretty cool solutions to make your company tech-savvy, efficient, and productive. One such solution is Data Capture, a tool that will make your life so much easier that you'll wonder how you survived without it. Not convinced? Read on to learn why Data Capture is everyone's favorite document management solution!

Save Money with your Printers and Copiers

Posted on Dec 14 2018.
savings piggy bank and calculator

Many companies think about saving money as a sort of "battle" between their budget and their office equipment. If it seems like your printers and copiers are working against you, it's time to rethink your cost savings strategies--and here are a few ideas to get you started!

3 Reasons Small Businesses Love Managed Services

Posted on Dec 7 2018.
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No matter what industry they're in or what their workflows look like, companies are flocking to managed services solutions, from managed IT to document management--but why would that be? Let's find out!

Print Security Risks You Might Overlook

Posted on Nov 28 2018.
print security

Here's hoping print security is not a new term for your office. However, it may not be a priority.

It's time to change that: over half of all businesses have experienced a breach of security through a printer security problem.

Could this be you? If you aren't looking for gaps and looking to find solutions, it certainly could be.

Print Security is More Important Than You May Think

Checking for updates, searching for risks, and evaluating your network protection are all critical aspects of any security strategy, including a print security strategy.

How to Fix Paper-Based Processes Killing Your Productivity

Posted on Nov 21 2018.
document management

When it comes to paper-based processes, there are frequent failures among enterprises. The first downfall of paper systems is the need to find the physical document. Paper can be misfiled or easily lost leading to mismanaged time. It also takes longer to pass paper documents back and forth to receive edits and suggestions. Noticing that time spent looking for files that can become lost in the passing back and forth of materials is the best place to start looking for a solution.

Getting the Most Out of Your Copier

Posted on Nov 14 2018.
team in an office working around a laptop

Choosing the best copiers for your business isn't all that complicated, but only when you're armed with some good information. The right copiers can make a positive impact on your workflows, but it's also true that leasing or purchasing one that's a bad match could have the opposite effect.

Here are a few pointers to help you make the right choice for your workgroup's requirements.


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