3 Organizational Tips for Office Productivity

Posted on Oct 17 2018.
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 Let's talk about office organization: do you dream of a day when your workplace is in order? Do you imagine big, sweeping efforts you could make that would set everything right in your office? Do you struggle with annoying disorganization but can't find the time to fix it?

Organizing your office for better productivity can seem daunting, but the reality is that it's just a few simple steps to a more streamlined workplace. Follow along here!

3 Ways Managed Services Save Money

Posted on Oct 10 2018.
saving money

Managed services are easily the new saving grace for many businesses.

From managed print to managed IT to document management, outsourcing those time and money consuming office projects help bump businesses ahead in the competition by allowing employees to focus and managers to set budgets that stick.

Measuring and Improving Employee Productivity

Posted on Jan 9 2018.
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Here are a few ways to measure and boost productivity in your office. 

• Measure output, not time. Some businesses are so focused on making sure employees punch in and out at the time clock that they forget to keep track of the things that really matter—like projects completed each month, new customer sales, or the success of recent campaigns. 

• Encourage accountability. Have everyone write their goals on a shared document, collective whiteboard, or company Facebook page. Employees will be motivated to work harder when they see others succeed at a faster pace. 

Is Your Reputation at Risk? Protect Your Business and Your Brand

Posted on Jan 9 2018.
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Reputation risk is how negative publicity can potentially harm your business. Here are a few ways you can protect your brand's reputation and your business. 

Know what’s already out there. Take inventory of the information that’s already been published about your business, your executives, your products, your services, etc. The more you know about what others have already said, the more prepared you’ll be to respond to future critics. 

Surprising Benefits of Document Shredding

Posted on Jan 9 2018.
A heap of shredded paper

Shred to avoid penalties. Your business could be subject to financial penalties if you don’t take the proper measures to protect the personal information of your employees, clients, and vendors. Shredding (especially cross-cut shredding) is the gold standard for the disposal of paper documents to prevent fines.


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